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KingSword Comtech (Shenzhen) Co., ltd mainly deals with car security product manufacturing, such as GPS tracking devices, car black box and related accessories. We have experienced engineers and work with good quality electronic component suppliers. Our application field extends from vehicles anti-theft to logistics management, financial security and personal safety.
Now KingSword develops as the growth of security industry, and will always provide customer with professional solution, good product and fast service.

Company News

Amazon is planning to enter the car and motorcycle insurance market

According to a report from the data and analysis company GlobalData, the tech giant Amazon is planning to enter the car and motorcycle insurance market. The news poses an unwelcome threat to other insurance companies that had to go through a challenging year throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Amaz...

KingSword tracker with 4G communication will come soon

After a long period of development and testing, 4G product will be in mass production stage soon. Although it is just a basic version, it has all functions of ET-01 and could support higher voltage power input. Below are some brief introduction. ...